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Confidence and Clarity Working with Scoliosis

Confidence and Clarity working with Scoliosis is based on Chapter 9 of Safe Movement for All Spines. So much is written and taught about scoliosis—how do you really know what to do? We move from a “fixing” mindset to facilitating a mutually empowering relationship with the person who has scoliosis. Instructors learn and understand the various considerations and ideas about working with the person who has scoliosis.  Overview of various methodologies, the theories that support them, and how to determine which methods to employ and when.  Learn what best practices to employ – and what to avoid – when working with a person who has scoliosis.  Learn techniques and exercises that can be easily incorporated into 1:1 or group sessions for elongation, de-rotation and strengthening.  This course is a great intro and overview with depth prior to participating in more intensive scoliosis – specific curriculum.